We keep families connected!

Enjoy real-time,

face-to-face conversations!

Senior Connex: Your Family's Pathway to Lasting Connection


Enjoy real time, face-to-face conversations with your loved one living alone or in a senior-living facility.

Family Platform

The Senior Connex Family platform helps families stay connected surrounding their senior’s needs

Be There

Senior Connex technology lets you be there for conferencing with medical and nursing staff.

Senior Connex App:

  • Direct Access to Senior Connex Video/Audio Hot Spots

  • Senior Connex Family Network platform where family members discuss the issues surrounding their loved ones

  • Medication Management/Doctor Visit/Meal Scheduling

With the cost of travel (in time and money), Senior Connex technology allows you to “be there” when and as often as you want.  You can stay involved and make sure mom and dad are safe and doing well.

What’s the Difference?

Apps like Skype and Facetime are great tools, but cannot be described as Visual Touch™ in that they are not always “on” and your loved one most likely is not a technology guru.  Once the Senior Connex hotspots are in place all you do is connect via the Senior Connex app and say “hi.” The Senior Connex app and in-home hotspots are intuitive, attractive, and work.

With Senior Connex, you can:

  • Expand your senior’s social interaction

  • Remotely coordinate caregiver services from afar.  

  • Have a real presence any time

Senior Connex is on the leading edge of medical care.  As a greater percentage of the population ages and the costs of supporting our seniors ever increases, technology will become more and more a necessity.  Senior Connex provides the technology for senior living facilities and in-home health agencies to reduce costs while still providing the needed care.

As families take on greater roles in their senior’s care, Senior Connex technology will be there, allowing your senior to stay in their home longer with peace of mind.

Baby boomers are comfortable with most low-level, simple technology tasks and welcome the interaction and safety technology provides. 

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